• Women Under Siege Conflict Profile: Libya

    Published January 2012 as part of the Women Under Siege project.

    While evidence of systematic rape in Libya remains scarce, it is clear that there were numerous incidents of rape, and it is equally clear that the threat of rape was used to instill fear in entire communities.

  • Women in War, Women in Peace

    Published November 8, 2011 at TheAtlantic.com.

    By understanding war as a male pursuit, we obscure the suffering, the triumphs, and the contributions of women. We also limit our ability to conduct war and to negotiate lasting peace.

  • Viktor Bout Convicted of Terrorism Conspiracy Charges – Not Arms Trafficking – And Why It Matters

    Published November 4, 2011 at UN Dispatch

    While it’s cause for celebration that Viktor Bout has been convicted and faces 25 years to life in prison, it should not go unremarked that he was arrested, extradited, tried, and convicted on terrorism charges – not arms trafficking charges. The Bouts of the world provide the tools that fuel instability and decrease human security; it’s time we had a legal mechanism by which to address this problem.

  • Security Council Formally Recognizes Threat of Libya’s Missing Missiles

    Published November 1, 2011 at UN Dispatch.

    The UN Security Council has formally recognized the threat posed by the late Gadhafi’s unsecured arms depots and the resulting proliferation of weapons, particularly small arms and man-portable air-defense systems, or MANPADS.

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